There’s no way to foresee if your vehicle will become the target of theft, but did you know there are ways to deter the potential thief? With antitheft products like AutoTrace and RVTrace, you can keep your peace of mind whenever you step away from your vehicle.

Vehicle Theft Facts*

  • A vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds in the United States.
  • Over 750,000 vehicles are stolen each year.
  • The top 5 states with the highest auto theft rates include:
    • New Mexico
    • Colorado
    • California
    • Alaska
    • Montana
  • 42% of stolen vehicles are never recovered.

How an Antitheft Program Works

A unique DNA trace tracking number and toll-free national hotline are chemically etched into several hidden, strategic locations on and around your vehicle. The ID and phone number remain invisible to potential thieves, but are clearly revealed under UV lights used by police.

Warning labels are also placed in each front and side window to inform bystanders that your vehicle is heavily protected, which drastically reduces their opportunity for financial gain. Thieves will naturally leave your vehicle alone in favor of other, less-protected vehicles.

A geo-fence will notify you immediately in the unlikely event that your vehicle is moved past its radius.

Want to learn more? Be sure to ask your dealership which antitheft programs are right for your vehicle!

*Vehicle theft facts pulled from 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau stats

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