We’ve all been there—blowing a tire on the highway, needing a jump start in the parking lot, locking yourself out of your car at the gas station—the list is endless. These typical inconveniences happen hundreds of times a day nationwide—and can all be remedied with one phone call to your roadside assistance provider.

Businesses that provide emergency roadside services like SafeRide RV (RV-specific) and Protectus (auto-specific) give you the confidence to get behind the wheel knowing that you have around-the-clock support if needed. Also, because of the 24/7/365 assistance, these services are especially convenient for drivers who regularly travel unaccompanied or at unusual hours of the day.

Here are some main services that can ensure your safety with roadside assistance:  

  1. Towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility.
  2. Jump-starting your vehicle’s dead battery.
  3. Changing flat tires by mounting and inflating your spare tire.
  4. Providing locksmith services, opening locked vehicles and/or obtaining replacement keys.
  5. Delivering fuel, oil, and water, as necessary, to remedy disablements.

Which roadside assistance package is best for you?

While it’s convenient to use the roadside assistance that’s already provided through your insurance company, many people have opted out after looking into other third-parties who can provide the same (if not better) benefits. When looking for the most “bang for your buck”, here are some things to consider when choosing the package most suited for you and your vehicle:

  • Do you drive regularly or occasionally?
  • Do you drive longer distances (road-trips) or shorter (to and from work)?
  • How old is your car? Does it routinely require regular upkeep?
  • Does the price of package sway your opinion in any way?

Make sure to do your research and ask the necessary questions to your current insurance provider to stay ahead of the curve! You’ll want to be comfortable with whichever choice you’ve made before you hit the road. Regardless, you’ll never feel unsure in your vehicle knowing that your roadside assistance package has your back during an unfortunate auto incident.

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